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Phytofit® has a positive impact upon the animal's body in a number of ways (e.g. lowered susceptibility to stress, strengthening of bodily defences) and at the same time prevents the growth of pathogens.

Phytofit® supports the physiological digestive and absorption processes through a sustainable and higher feed intake which is also safe for the animal, and so improves overall growth.

Phytofit® faids salivation and inner secretion which then indirectly helps to stabilise the intestinal fl ora balance. The natural, plant-based ingredients ncrease the digestion period and improve nutrition absorption. In doing this, they relieve metabolism and physiology and release nutrients and energy for nhanced growth.

Phytofit® lowers dung ammonia content, which has a positive impact on the overall quality of the stall climate and contributes to sustainable environmental protection.

With its emulsifying properties, Phytofit® and its natural ingredients help  conserve and sustain the digestive process and protect the sensitive intestinal mucosa. Rations which are both high in fat content and energy are converted for growth more effi ciently and consistently.
















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